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Pastor George Henry's Sermon Outlines.

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Scripture is read from "The New International" verson of the Bible. 


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The Word Made Certain”

2 Peter 1:16-2:3
October 15, 2017


Last night I went to the tall tales contest at the Lutheran Church: is there anything difference between what was told at the contest last night and what is being spoken in our church this morning?  

Peter teaches us that Christians avoid speaking in certain ways so that our message is always different from the messages we hear from others.  

The first thing that Christians avoid is the telling of cleverly invented stories.  

In Downs, Kansas we would call this teaching common sense.  

The second thing that we avoid is telling interpretations that are from the will of man.  

Interpretation by the will of man  is explaining scripture so that it pleases men without any concern for whether or not it pleases God  

The third thing that we avoid is telling destructive heresies.  

Introducing destructive heresies is offering opinions and choices that turn us off course and cause us to become lost and to perish.  

The fourth thing that we avoid is telling stories we have made up to exploit others.  

Exploitation the normal, everyday work of a salesman  

There is fruit that accompanies errant speaking.

We adopt shameful ways that bring the way of truth into disrepute.  

To adopt shameful ways is to act with the same respect and restraint as someone who is drunk.  

We deny the sovereign Lord who bought us.


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Oct 15




A Responsible Teacher”

James 3:1-8
October 8, 2017


Everyone who teaches another will be judged more strictly.  

The humbling fact is that everyone stumbles including teachers.  

When you fall because of my words or example I am liable for the harm I have done to you.  

The most common way that we stumble is by the sins of an unbridled tongue.  

Crickets have more sense to know when to shut up than we do.  

James’ instruction: v. 3:1A NIV is that “Not many of you should presume to be teachers”.  

If God would allow me to do something other than teach I would.  

As a teacher I am responsible for training disciples to represent and serve the kingdom of God just as Jesus trained His disciples in the Gospels.  

Disciples are people who have committed to changing self and who follow a teacher who nurtures the change.  

The test of a teacher is:          “Are the disciples like the teacher’s teacher?”  

My task as a teacher is to pass on the knowledge, discipline and skills that have been entrusted to me by my teacher.


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Oct 08




That We May See and Believe”

Mark 15:21-39
October 1, 2017


Once again we read a scripture passage that has a lot in common with our own lives.  

Mistreatment and death were justified by prejudice, intolerance and hatred.  

Mistreatment begins with the act of imposing my superiority upon your inferiority’.  

Once we start down the path of hatred and persecution no proof is enough to change our minds.  

Do you see and believe?  

Do you believe enough to follow Jesus who was the least, the despised, the rejected, the afflicted and the condemned?


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Oct 01




Learning From The Past”

1 Corinthians 10:1-13
September 24, 2017


God has been interacting with people for thousands of years. We have a record of some of those interactions because they illustrate what God requires of us.  

Scripture tells us that even though we experience the same blessings and miracles together there is no guarantee that God is happy with all of us.  

The great tragedy of life is to make the journey with all of the rest of God’s people and to be excluded from the promises.    

The warning of v. 12 NIV is:    12 So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!   

The Lord provides a way out after I have been tempted.  

Believing in God is obeying and following God regardless of how I feel or what I desire.  

Invitation:         To believe and receive the promises… 

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Sep 24




I’m Fully Convinced”

2 Corinthians 5:14-21
September 17, 2017


Jesus Christ offers us a new start at a different life: as new and different as being born again...  

We all begin living life from the worldly point of view:  

I reject Jesus and the new life He offers when I continue to speak and act according to the worldly point of view.  

Where does a new point of view come from?  

When I am living according to the new point of view several things change.  

1. Christ’s love compels me.  

2. I live for the one who died for me and was raised again  

3. I live as a new creation so that I might become the righteousness of God in Jesus.  

4. I am Christ’s ambassador delivering His message of reconciliation.


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Sep 17




Times and Places”

Acts 17:24-31
September 10, 2017


Is anyone in charge of what is happening in our world?  

Our passions, our speculations and our understanding would re-design the world around us.  

Typical human behavior rejects God and chooses to worship a god or gods that have been made by human design and skill.  

We turn away from God because we reject the basic truth about who God is.  

God is not created by our design or skill; we are created by God from one man.  

Humanity needs God to provide for us, God does not need us to provide for Him.  

God has predetermined the season in which we live and commanded the place where we are to dwell.  

God commands all people everywhere to repent.  

God has predetermined a day when we will all be judged.  

God has done all of this so that we will seek Him and reach out for Him.  

Ignorance will no longer be tolerated.  

Invitation:            Do we believe in the sovereign God?


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Sep 10




List of Upcoming Sermons 

Date, 2017 Scripture Reference  * Title
October 1, Communion Mark 15:21-39 “That We May See and Believe”
October 8, James 3:1-8 “A Responsible Teacher”
October 15, 2 Peter 1:16-2:3 “The Word Made Certain”
October 22, John 7:15-19 “Testing the Teaching”
October 29, Colossians 3:12-17 “Whatever We Do”

*   Scripture is read from "The New International" verson of the Bible.