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Pastor George Henry's Sermon Outlines.

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Scripture is read from "The New International" verson of the Bible. 


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Times and Places”

Acts 17:24-31
September 10, 2017


Is anyone in charge of what is happening in our world?  

Our passions, our speculations and our understanding would re-design the world around us.  

Typical human behavior rejects God and chooses to worship a god or gods that have been made by human design and skill.  

We turn away from God because we reject the basic truth about who God is.  

God is not created by our design or skill; we are created by God from one man.  

Humanity needs God to provide for us, God does not need us to provide for Him.  

God has predetermined the season in which we live and commanded the place where we are to dwell.  

God commands all people everywhere to repent.  

God has predetermined a day when we will all be judged.  

God has done all of this so that we will seek Him and reach out for Him.  

Ignorance will no longer be tolerated.  

Invitation:            Do we believe in the sovereign God?


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Sep 10




A Worthy Manner”

1 Corinthians 11:23-32
September 3, 2017


Have any of you read the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell?  

The book was inspired by the events that led up to the 1917 revolution in Russia that placed the communist party in control and the changes that took place afterwards.  

While the inspiration for the book animal farm may have come from one nation during one period of human history its content covers a recurring theme of human behavior.  

The church in Corinth could have inspired the writing of the book “Animal Farm”.  

The pigs in the church at Corinth were held accountable through the proclamation of the Lord’s death.  

Partaking of the Lord’s Supper absolutely requires reverence and caution on our part.  

The weakness and sickness of many in a church may be the result of failure to come to the right conclusions about the body of the Lord.  

The Lord saves through grace and the Lord saves through discipline.


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Sept 03




The Aroma of Christ”

2 Corinthians 2:14-3:6
August 27, 2017


Do you have a favorite aroma that you remember from childhood?

One of my absolute favorite aromas is the smell of baking bread.  

My dog has learned that it is never acceptable to bring me a dead fish, however, there are other dead things that are too valuable to leave lying in a park or field regardless of what I say.  

I am convinced that they stink; he acts like they are as good as baking bread.  

People have the same reactions to God, His word and His servants.  

Two attacks of the enemy that attempt to turn us away from God:  

1. Paul peddles the word of God for a profit!  

2. Paul isn’t as qualified as we are!  

Were they following God when they decided to install more competent leadership in place of people like Paul, Moses, David and Jesus?  

God always leads us in a triumphal procession…  

The triumphal procession that God leads us in echoes with words of Spirit and truth that proclaim and honor Jesus Christ…  

God is the One who makes us competent.  

The message that God writes on the human heart is more important than any other qualification or recommendations a person may have for ministry.  

Were Paul and Moses and David and Jesus the smell of life or the smell of death?  

Are we the smell of life or the smell of death?


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Aug 27




Who are these people?”

Romans 12:9-21
August 20, 2017

Nursing home service      


What kinds of things make a church relevant?    

Being relevant means doing the things that no one else is doing.  

We do these things because God is the Lord,  

Doing some of these things is extremely difficult: not doing others is even more difficult!  

Doing these things may make us less attractive to the world and make us objects of persecution.  

Jesus Christ came to redeem us so that we can live as a peculiar people in this world.


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Aug 20




Doing What I Love”

John 3:16-21
August 13, 2017


This is part of Jesus’ response to Nicodemus who was a Pharisee and a member of the Jewish ruling council:  

Have you ever taken time to reflect upon the variety and abundance of our world?  

God’s choice is to love the world including the people in it.:  

We do not accept God’s love or His salvation.  

Claiming to love and serve God while doing things according to my understanding and desires is choosing to perish.  

Have you ever heard the statement that “Only what is done for God will last.”? It is false!  

The true statement is “Only what is done through God will last.”  

Invitation:         1. To leave the darkness of personal works and worthless pursuits  

2. To accept the love and salvation of God through Jesus Christ


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Aug 13




Speaking Plainly”

Mark 8:31-38
August 6, 2017


Have you heard about a treasure worth $2 million has been hidden in the Rocky Mountains? It will belong to whoever finds it.  

Over and over we sacrifice what has little value for things that have greater value.  

When we believe Satan and follow the ways of men we accumulate land and money and possessions while neglecting God, His covenant and the things that have eternal value.  

The only way to learn the correct value of everything that exists in heaven above and on the earth below is to be taught by God.  

The way to find the treasures that have the greatest value is to deny self, take up my cross daily and follow Jesus.  

How do we respond when God speaks plainly?  

Are we among those who respond to God by saying, “Surely not!”?  

Are we among those who respond to God by denying self, taking up our crosses and follow Jesus?  

God tells me the truth and leaves the choice up to me.


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Aug 06





List of Upcoming Sermons 

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September 17, 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 “I’m Fully Convinced”
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*   Scripture is read from "The New International" verson of the Bible.